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Can I register at the race?
Once waves are filled we can no longer accept registrations. If there are still openings you are welcome to register the day of the race but remember it is not guaranteed that there will be open wave times. We suggest registering early, the sooner you sign up the more money you save on registration

I can't make it to the race and I've already registered. Can I get a refund?
Please check your schedules before registering! We cannot issue refunds for people who miss the race. If you contact us at pumpkinpatchmudrun@gmail.com before Sept. 1 we can help you get a refund. After the 1st however we can no longer issue any refunds as we've already purchased the insurance, shirts, and goodies for each individual runner.

I’m having trouble registering
If you're having trouble registering, email us at pumpkinpatchmudrun@gmail.com and let us know what problems you are encountering. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours and get you all set up!

Can my child run the race?
All children must be physically, mentally, and emotionally capable to complete the course with proper racing etiquette. After the 5k, there will be a family oriented, 2k fun walk/run that would be more suitable for young children.

Is this a relay?
Nope. Whether you are competing as an individual or in a team, each person participating must run the full mud run.

Is this a hard race?
We prefer the term challenging, as opposed to hard. The obstacles won't be easy but none are inherently dangerous or anything you need to train specifically for—just be careful and don't try and do anything beyond your skill level. If you are questioning your physical/mental capabilities or have a medical condition, please consult with your physician before signing up for the race. You are responsible for avoiding an obstacle if you feel you are unable to complete the course or obstacles.

Where do I park?
We have a large parking lot we normally use for the Pumpkin Patch as well as a special overflow parking lot next to the starting line of the run. There will be signs along the road directing people to the Pumpkin Patch.

Is the race timed?
We will have a race clock at the end of the race so you can internally take note how fast you ran the race. Only the first race will be timed.

What kind of obstacles are there?
The obstacles are typically things you will need to climb over, under, or through. There are also some steep inclines that will have ropes helping people climb them, knee deep water/mud to wade through, and other similar types of obstacles. Again, they will be challenging but certainly nothing you will need to train specifically for.

What if I don’t want to do the obstacles?
There is an optional side path around every obstacle should you not feel inclined.

What do I need to bring?
You’re probably going to want to bring a change of clothes and possibly a towel. Our intent is to get our runners dirty, but we don’t want them to stay that way so we’re providing a rinsing station and curtained off changing area. If you plan on staying and enjoying the Pumpkin Patch attractions after the race, you'll probably want to take advantage of our changing stations. Please leave your valuables in your vehicle- we’ll be providing a keycheck for runners who want to lock their cars but don’t want to lose their key on the race.

Are iPods or MP3 players allowed on the course?
Yes, but it would be a very bad idea to bring one. There’s going to be mud. There’s going to be water. And you’re going to be out one MP3 player in the very likely event those two things come into contact.

Can I bring my camera?
Yes, and take as many pictures as you’d like. Then post those pictures onto every social media site you belong to and talk about how awesome a time you had.

What should I wear?
Things you don’t mind getting dirty. Wear what you feel comfortable running in, but keep in mind it’s going to be September so it may be a little cooler. Historically, the temperature is around 65 degrees so it won’t be frigid but you might want to put on a long sleeve t-shirt. Cleats are okay.

Will there be food?
There will be a water station midway through the run—gotta stay hydrated! Also, we will have a delicious spread waiting for you at our feed station at the finish. By "delicious spread" we mean energy bars and some fruit; did you really think we meant lobster tail? All food is guaranteed not to be muddy, assuming you haven't gotten mud on it first.

Can I just watch?
Yes, there will be several vantage points through the race where you can take pictures and watch your friends and family run their hearts out.

Do you work with any charities?
The Pumpkin Patch Mud Run is happy to announce their partnership with The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Albany, NY. A portion of each registration will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House. You can learn more about The Ronald McDonald House and their programs HERE.