Pumpkin Patch Mud Run Header


For over thirty-four years, my husband James and I have opened our farm to the public every October to enjoy and create family memories. James planted and grew pumpkins and prepared our farm for the fall season until 2011 when he became too ill to do it by himself. That year our son Paul and his wife Leslie graciously came to our aid and helped with the planting. Even after the flood from hurricane Irene destroyed our crop that year, they and our daughter Debbie helped us open and continue our fall tradition.

Since 2011, Paul and Leslie have spent countless hours planting and growing the pumpkins and other crops and readying the farm each fall for our many friends and patrons. After the last year’s season, Paul has undergone three major surgeries, thankfully none of which were life-threatening, the most recent just three weeks ago. His orthopedic surgeons have ordered him to not do any manual labor on the farm until after October to give time for his injuries to heal.

After much family discussion and prayers, we have all felt that we should not open Pumpkin Patch this October. This has been a very difficult decision for all of us as we greatly enjoy having the public and our many friends come and enjoy the farm and its activities. However, we feel the Lord has directed us to not open this year to allow Paul time to heal.

Thank you for all your support over these past thirty-five years and your understanding. At this time, we anticipate we will be back in 2020 with pumpkins, fresh donuts, and plenty of fun and memories.

Lois VanDerwerken (Gramma)